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Web Technologies Design, develop and implement your digital market place, e-commerce site, web application, corporate websites and intranets. Our team has some of the best designers and technology experts to provide you with one of the most apt and effective solutions.

We understand the importance of your customers and how the Internet plays an important role in providing high quality experience to them. We realize how the Internet has become an indispensable vehicle for business to interact with the customers and vice versa.

Our implementation experience has enabled us to identify some of the key characteristics of a successful B2B, B2C or corporate site.

Content -Provide content that will attract and retain customers/visitors.

Customization - Deliver personalized content, products and services to customers.

Context - Provide easy and simple navigation to information, which is summarized to help customers.

Secure Commerce - Provide a secure environment for transactions and billing services.

Architecture - Ensure that the technical architecture is sound and it enables you to integrate with the rest of theenterprise applications.

Our 'Services for the Internet' is delivered in three forms which independently and as a combination will meet all your needs

E-Commerce Your business can be smoothly transformed into an e-commerce environment through our custom development services. Our E2 Methodology of Effective and Secure E-Commerce will help you transform rapidly while reducing implementation cost and time.

Web Applications Transfer a part or whole of your legacy applications to the web environment to enhance manageability, usability and reach of your application to various branches and departments in your or your customer's organization. Re-engineer your internal applications to an Internet or an Intranet environment.

Intranets Post an important message, provide downloads to various internal forms, provide access to data for employees to make informed decisions, eliminate paper and save on printing and paper expenses, have employees sign up for various schemes and events within the organization, reach out to all your employees spread over various states and countries all these at the touch of a button. Ask us how it can beof business value to your company.

Websites/Designs We make sure your web site conveys your value propositions and differentiates you from your competitors. Ask us howto build customer oriented websites.

Clients Describe Us...
" uncompromising approach to work and methods used to achieve success..."
"...the best firm I have worked with in terms of consolidation of knowledge, inter-personal skills, organization and facilities..."
"...a wide and in-depth knowledge in developing software packages that are highly critical and core to our business function..."
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