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FUNDperfect provides an integrated and comprehensive Merchant Cash Advance software solution to all the needs of a funding institution. It is scalable and provides a good fit for any size Merchant Cash Advance organization - from small community organizations to multilevel, nationwide MCA institutions. All this can be accomplished without the need to touch a line of code.
This automated Merchant Cash Advance solution features:
  One page application input – online enabled for the ISO’s and merchants
  Merchant Eligibility – Pre-screening, documents and underwriting
  Status Enquiry, Commission Payments
  Repayment & Collections – Collection Modes
  Processors, Lockbox Operators & ACH Transactions
  Interface Capability
FUNDperfect enables the user to pre-qualify a merchant on a combination of multiple parameters
FUNDperfect enables collection of all application documents from the merchant (through the ISO). All documents can be electronically uploaded by the ISO / Sales Person.
The underwriter can determine the fund amount using a funding calculator with a pre-defined formula to arrive at the optimum funding for the merchant.
The work flow module facilitates electronic processing of the loan application between several "work flow points" which can be set up to meet the unique needs of every organization depending on their size, structure and review / approval methodology. It provides the capability to review any application at whatever stage it may be and ascertain reasons for the stage at which an application is presently in. Reports can be run to identify performance of employees, products, branches in any combination, which can be a useful tool to reward productivity as well as in staffing decisions.
The ISO / Account Executive will be able to view the status of the merchant’s application online. FUNDperfect can also publish account status to the external users for status enquiry on the applications submitted by them.
FUNDperfect enables collection of the repayment amounts on a daily basis in multiple methods:
  Through Credit Card Processors (split batch)
  Through Lock Box Operators (fed by the Processors)
  ACH Transfers
  Direct Payment by the merchants
FUNDperfect not only does collections / repayment automatically by connecting to the processor / lockbox operator websites or via ACH transactions, it also goes on to pass accounting entries at the end of every operational occurrence. FUNDperfect has a comprehensive accounting module which passes journal entries, creates ledger accounts and posts relevant transactions automatically into each ledger, draws up a trial balance, generates income statement as well as a balance sheet. All financial transactions passing through FUNDperfect will be automatically included for book-keeping.
FUNDperfect can be interfaced to multiple external systems. FUNDperfect is already interfaced with many credit bureaus for downloading credit reports or credit score. FUNDperfect can be interfaced with any accounting system such as QuickBooks, etc.
Multiple reports, both functional as well as MIS reports can be generated out of the data stored in FUNDperfect. Most of these reports are standard part of FUNDperfect implementation.
Key Features
User friendly and easy to configure
Interface supportive
Maintaining the accounts of borrower
Payment details represented in a dash board
Exclusive report handling
Go Mobile with your Smart Phone
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