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Legacy Systems Develop new applications, migrate to client server or the Internet, convert your legacy data, develop interfaces between various systems, design a GUI interface or have a reliable reporting system built. Our industry expertise in the Banking & Financial,Transportation, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Public Sector can be put to best use when you need it.

Before the advent of World Wide Web and Client Server Technology the most popular platform for computing was the mainframe system. Eventoday many of you use the mainframe for both data processing and running complex applications. With the introduction of newer and better technologies the reliance on mainframe system has been diminishing but not to the extent of making it extinct.

The recent challenges have been to re-engineer the current applications in legacy systems to meet the new and constantly changing business needs. The new business needs usually involve, accommodating new business processes, easy to use graphic interface, wider market reach,easy maintainability and better reporting system. Given this challenge many of you have limited choices - either reengineer using the existinglegacy technology or migrate partially or completely to a Web or client server architecture.

We strongly believe every one of your requirements is unique and different. Our approach has been to do a systematic analysis of your current technical scenario and provide a solution that accommodates all your immediate business needs, provide for future changes and suggest themost apt technical architecture.

Many of our clients have benefited from the use of our specialized teams, which perform
  • Migrating your current legacy systems to a Client Server or a World Wide Web solution
  • Implementing ERP solutions to replace your diverse legacy systems
  • Converting current Data from the existing format to a RDBMS format or any other that can be understood by the new technology adopted
  • Developing interfaces to interact with your supplier/vendors and customers applications
  • Data Warehousing to provide reliable data for management reporting

We at SysArc Infomatix are constantly working with many Fortune 500 companies in providing the above services. We take pride in mentioningthat we have re-engineered applications both from the functional and technical stand point resulting in effective, robust and cost saving solutions.

Clients Describe Us...
" uncompromising approach to work and methods used to achieve success..."
"...the best firm I have worked with in terms of consolidation of knowledge, inter-personal skills, organization and facilities..."
"...a wide and in-depth knowledge in developing software packages that are highly critical and core to our business function..."
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