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LENDperfect provides an integrated & comprehensive solution to all the needs of a lending institution. It is scalable and provides a good fit for any size of organization - from small community banks and co-operative banks to multilevel, nationwide lending institutions. All this can be accomplished without the need to touch a line of code.
Our functional architects conceived and developed the solution that:
  Reduces risk
  Speeds-up Lending
  Increases Customer Satisfaction
  Expands Market Size
  Helps in Management and Control of Lending
The consumer application form captures all the details typically collected regarding the loan product, interest rate, amount requested and other items such as the duration of the loan, principal loan amount, and the financial standards against which the borrowers standing will be compared. The bench mark standards can be defined by the bank user.
A comprehensive risk management module enables the user to define business rules specific to each loan product and draw up a credit risk rating of the borrower based on capacity, conduct, collateral and credit history. Interfaces to major credit bureaus in the US is a standard feature in LENDperfect.
Virtual dissemination of loan application data to various members of a loan committee is a standard feature in LENDperfect. The members of the committee will be able to meet and exchange notes virtually, without the need to be physically present in a location.
LENDperfect automatically prices each loan based on pre-defined parameters and the pricing is worked out on marginal costing principle. This powerful tool will be available at the field level to help beat competition instantly.
Comprehensive document management module enables electronic storage and retrieval of loan documents, both application documents as well as closing documents. LENDperfect automatically indexes the documents and attaches them to the specific loan applicaiton.
Efficient workflow engine enables electronic transmission of loan application through multiple process steps and tracks employee efficiency in the process. Workflow engine enables the user to define process flows specific to the type of loan product.
LENDperfect includes a comprehensive servicing module to manage loan accounts once the loan application is approved and amount disbursed. LENDperfect enables automatic collection of repayment amount via multiple channels, including credit card payments, ACH transactions, check or cash payments, etc. LENDperfect keeps a track of all payments due and received and automatically generates payment invoices, late notices and delinquency letters and emails the same to the customers at a pre-defined time. LENDperfect calculates interests, fees and charges as defined by the bank and apportions the payments received in the order specified by the bank. LENDperfect also creates all accounting entries for every transaction done through the system based on the chart of accounts and the GL Business Rules defined by the user.
Multiple management and operational reports are standard feature in the system. All reports are presented in dynamic format enabling the user to sort, drill down, create graphs, etc.
Key Features
Risk Management to avoid loan risk
Tools to determine the loan application
Easy management of documents
Loan committee to discuss on the loan
Exclusive report handling
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