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Client Server Have your business applications and internal systems developed through an easy to use graphical interface, RDMS and multi dimensional databases. We make transitioning from Mainframe architecture and File Server architecture to Client Server a breeze.

There are many of you who still want a predictable, stable and secure application to run your businesses on. Convert your business processesinto a robust two-tier / multi-tier application to provide ease of use, information the way you want and where ever you want - all at your fingertips. What do you have to do? - Just give us your requirements; let our homegrown & time-tested methodology along with our experiencedconsultants do the analysis, design and implementation.

Your client /server application is reliable and stable when specialty teams handle specific tasks. Our team specializes in

Business needs No application will be worth the investment if it does not solve the problem it was supposed to. We ensure that your business needs are analyzed, problems are identified and the requirements are well defined.

Application Architecture The application is designed focusing on problem solving and the architecture is drawn up to provide optimal performance and scal ability.

Database design Databases are designed to store all your business process data, provide for future and predictable requirements, enable data warehousing to facilitate well-informed decisions and secure your data based on business security policies. No Database design is complete with out a backup and recovery plan to insure against loss of vital business information.

GUI interface design Increase your productivity with an easy to use and pleasant interface. Let the application guide you through thesequence of events. Ask us for a demo of our most efficient interface designs.

Report design We not only believe in providing a graphical drill down reporting system, but we also take pride in providing you the ability tocustomize your reports on the fly.

Clients Describe Us...
" uncompromising approach to work and methods used to achieve success..."
"...the best firm I have worked with in terms of consolidation of knowledge, inter-personal skills, organization and facilities..."
"...a wide and in-depth knowledge in developing software packages that are highly critical and core to our business function..."
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