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Banks: Over 20 banks around the world use LENDperfect to process their loans - be it consumer, commercial, construction or real estate loans. These institutions range from small community banks with a couple of locations to large multi-national banks with thousands of branches and offices across the world. LENDperfect helps these banks to process thousands of loan applications every day and the software is used by over 400,000 users across the world.

LENDperfect offers the following solutions to Banks:
LENDperfect - Consumer Lending
LENDperfect - Commercial Lending
LENDperfect - Construction Lending including Draw Management

SAFEBOX: A perfect solution that automates entire safe deposit box operation from inventory setup to renting the boxes to delinquency follow-up. SAFEBOX automates renting safe boxes of different sizes, charge variable pricing for personal and commercial users, give discounts, allow multiple co-signers, verify signature and photo-ID before box access and report status of delinquent accounts, status of boxes sorted by branch and size and much more.

SAFEBOX - Safe Deposit Box Management
Clients Describe Us...
" uncompromising approach to work and methods used to achieve success..."
"...the best firm I have worked with in terms of consolidation of knowledge, inter-personal skills, organization and facilities..."
"...a wide and in-depth knowledge in developing software packages that are highly critical and core to our business function..."
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