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SAFE is the right choice for locker management as the task of managing safe deposit lockers for any institution is not only be onerous task but also expensive. Properly managed Safe Deposit lockers unlock a new profit potential and dramatically increase the fee income opportunities.

SAFE automates renting lockers of different sizes, charge variable pricing for personal and commercial users, give discounts, allow multiple co-signers, verify signature and photo-ID before locker access and report status of delinquent accounts, status of lockers  sorted by branch and size and much more.

SAFE enables you to manage the locker operations efficiently at a lower cost. It is also designed to maintain a waiting list for the allotment of the lockers based on the request of the customer and collect rent and other charges for owning the locker.
SAFE has a unique interface facility through which the locker details can be updated from various branches of the organisation in which the lockers are maintained and accessed.
  • Ability to maintain Inventory
  • Ability to follow-up with delinquent accounts with late notices and drill notice
  • Renewal notices on-time
  • Box Access History
  • Photo-Id and Signature verification
  • Unlimited Co-signers.
  • Different pricing for personal and commercial users
  • Price change at the branch level or at corporate level
  • Customer Wait list
  • Insurance for the contents
  • Discounts and Complimentary boxes
  • Management Reports
  • In-built security
  • Maintenance of the broke open details of the lockers
  • Audit Trail and General Ledger maintenance