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PEPS is an asset management system which provides gamut of solution for premises and equipment management. PEPS helps the management to overcome the burden and demanding obligation in complete maintenance of their premises and other fixed assets. PEPS configuration is so compatible that it can be tailor made to suit any unique business environment.

PEPS has setup options that help the management to configure the system as per their organisational need. 

PEPS maintains the details of the various branches or offices and other related unit of the organisation. The system stores the information on the branches, the details of the leased unit of the organisation, tax to be paid to the organisation and so on.

PEPS is capable to collect and store all sort of assets like furniture and fittings, safe, fans, note counting machine, generators, air conditioners, UPS, computers, vehicles with asset number, HO asset number, purchase reference number, purchase price and etc. System supports any amendments in the price and transfer to other offices and sold, written-off of the assets.
PEPS does the depreciation calculation process for various asset class.  System will do the consolidation/ reconciliation process for the new additions, enhancements and transfer in, transfer out of assets and also for written-off and sold assets.
PEPS helps the organisation to set reminders or alerts to remind them regarding the important task to be carried on like payment of tax, insurance, AMC expiry details etc.
PEPS can be used to generate reports for review and analysis. In short it tracks all assets of the organisation.
  • Easy to configure on any platform
  • User friendly and easy to learn
  • Best of Breed, Web-based tool
  • Greater collaboration
  • Ad hoc reporting capabilities
  • Adoptive to any working environment
  • Monitors automatic depreciation of asset values
  • Mails inward and outward
  • Configuration of timely reminders
  • Bulletin board on the home screen
  • Managing of complete details in a work premises
  • Generation of Reports on the premises details
  • Management of the premises tax and other payment details
  • Centralises all data, providing the ability to track, utilise and share information
  • Strong room and custodian management