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LENDperfect a world class banking solution for the automation of lending process encompassing loan origination, processing, risk analysis, appraisal, workflow management, document management & scanning, servicing & post disbursal control etc, is the ultimate solution for the lending functions of any financial institution.
LENDperfect helps in effective implementation of business processes, cutting down on operating expenses, reducing processing time, reducing risk and increasing customer satisfaction multifold.
LENDperfect action has been split into
  • Loan Origination
  • Loan Servicing/Management
Loan Origination is the starting point of a loan application. In this Region of loan processing LENDperfect combine comprehensive customer information with flexible product offerings to help banks offer the right product to the right customer.

Loan Servicing/Management is the next process of the lending.  LENDperfect supports payment made through ECS or PDC (Post dated Cheques) or any other mode of payment.   In loan management LENDperfect handles the accounting part of loans effectively and generates Journal Entries, monthly invoice, payment details of the invoice, processing request for foreclosure, processing request for change of interest rate. Generation of various reports on various activities carried after loan approval, maintenance of the defaulters list are some of the activities carried on in Loan Management.

LENDperfect performs various processes that best fits any lending process.
LENDperfect Retail
LENDperfect Corporate
LENDperfect Agriculture
LENDperfect NPA Management
LENDperfect Merchant Funding
LENDperfect Mortgage
LENDperfect Credit Card Processing
LENDperfect Islamic Lending