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esun is a complete intranet solution, which provides a true ‘Office Everywhere’ concept.  It is a well thought out application that provides all possible option for an organisation to take advantage of the intranet concept.
esun provides various tools to publish information, manage documents, conduct e-training and e-valuations, use work flow for administrative processes, organise your daily activities, schedule meetings between employees and facilitate e-mail, discussions on restricted chat rooms and much more. It brings geographically spread employees into one location to share, disseminate, approve, reject and upload.

esun facilities like Document Manager, Scheduler and Search features enable the users to access vital information from anywhere. It allows users to share information with a defined set of user groups. The powerful search capability enables to search on information stored anywhere in the system.

esun enables the organisation to form a repository of corporate and department information such as corporate policies, established procedures, message from CEO, operation manuals etc. information can be published in the form of text, images or audio visual files.

esun provides a unique feature called esun CLUB which is available to provide a channel for socialising. It brings a sense of unity and often acts as a motivating tool. Some of the features inside the esun CLUB are list of employee birthdays and approved greeting cards, crossword puzzles, company pictures, Tip of the day, approved Jokes etc.

  • Accessible in an intranet environment
  • User friendly and easy to understand system
  • Adaptive to interface with any ERP/CRM or existing HR System
  • Unleashes a functionally collaborative environment
  • Online training for employees
  • Powerful tool for team building
  • Increases productivity & learning
  • Enables information sharing between employees
  • Powerful workflow for decision making
  • Assist to evaluate employee competency with less administrative cost
  • Reports, documents, presentations can viewed in a secured environment
  • Stores policies, procedures, instructions, forms & operational information
  • Accessed by user across branches, departments & functions